How To Use A Coffee Machine With Pod

How To Use A Coffee Machine With Pods-Just Add A Pod For The Perfect Single Serve Coffee

How To Use A Coffee Machine With Pods

In the days where single-serve pod machines are replacing coffee pot based devices, it’s useful to know how to work these devices correctly.

After all, everybody needs a good cup of coffee. So that there’s nothing to stop you. Here’s a step-by-step guide to operating coffee pod machines of all types:

The Basics Of Coffee Pod Machines:

The Basics Of Coffee Pod Machines

In general, all coffee pod machines work similarly. All coffee pod machines will have:

A Water Tank Or Basin:

This is where you put the water in the machine to make your coffee. There is usually a fill line that tells you how much to fill the tank.

Use clean water to prevent a build-up of minerals and give you a refreshing cup of joe. Some containers may have lids that must be closed firmly before operating.

A Pod Holder:

This is where you put your coffee pod. Depending on the device, there may be a button you have to press or a lid to lift so you can access the holding area for your pod.

You only need to place your pod into the holding area gently and shut the lid to load your machine with your desired brand of coffee. Warning!

Some pods and devices do not work with each other in mind. Also, there is a needle in there that pierces the pod, so watch out. If your machine refuses to brew your coffee pod, check the manual of the device to make sure your brand of pods matches what your coffee machine makes.


Many coffee pod machines have specific settings for how exactly you want your hot beverage in your cup. Usually, these settings are at the front of the device, and many are simple to use. Some settings allow you to set how much coffee you want in your cup.

However, more water in the mug sometimes means a weaker cup of coffee. More straightforward machines may not have these specific settings.

Cup Holder Or Dispensing Area:

Usually, the base of the coffee machine is where you can find where you can place your cup. It’s usually large enough to hold a mug sized cup or larger, depending on the type of machine.  Always make sure you have a container there before you press the start button.

A Brew Or Start Button:

A Brew Or Start Button

There is always a start or brew button on coffee pod machines. The button ensures that the device doesn’t start running or malfunctions as you load the coffee.

Simply pressing this button will brew your coffee when you are ready. Some machines require the water lid to be shut appropriately and clicked into place before brewing can begin.

You should notice a stream of liquid coming from the device and into your cup. Make sure this stream ceases before you enjoy your coffee.

How To Operate Your Coffee Pod Machine:

How To Operate Your Coffee Pod Machine

  1. Fill The Water Basin: Grab filtered or distilled water, and fill the water tank to the fill line in the machine.
  2. Open Your Coffee Pod: Many pods are cylindrical cups that fit inside the pod holder. Some come wrapped, so make sure there is no wrapping covering the pod when you load it into your device.
  3. Shut the pod holder and water filter lids, if available on your device.
  4. Adjust the settings on your machine to your preference.
  5. Place your mug or cup in the dispensing area.
  6. Press the start, or brew button to dispense your coffee.
  7. Enjoy your coffee!

Coffee Pod Machine Tips:

Now that you know how to work your coffee pod machine, there are a few things to understand if you are still having issues. There are also a few tips to extend the way you can enjoy your coffee pod machine:

You Can Use Single-Serve Pod Machines Without Pods:

You can buy multiple holsters that can fit over the pod holder of various coffee machines. These are great in case you want to use bulk coffee or a specific coffee brand that you can’t find in pod form.

Know the manufacturer of your machine, and read any online reviews if you are thinking of purchasing a holster for your device.

The most popular holsters include The Solofill, EZ-Cup, and The Pod Holster. Make sure these holsters fit comfortably in your machine before you use it.

Old Keurig 2.0 Machines May Not Accept Your Third-Party Pods:

While newer Keurig devices don’t have restrictions, if you have a Keurig 2.0 machine, pay attention to the type of pod you have. If they aren’t K-Cup brands, you may have a hard time getting the device to work with them. There are a few hacks to make your device work.

However, Keurig has fixed this issue by creating a My K-Cup holder that accepts most types of pods now. Their newer devices also don’t have this problem.

There Are Many Pod Machines Available:

If you are looking for a specific type of machine, there are several trusted machines in the market. Of note are:

There Are Multiple Brands Of Pods You Can Use:

Coffee pods aren’t the only things available that your device can brew. There are also many teas that you can use that give you one-cup brewed tea in an instant. There are also several milk-based pods, like mochas and hot chocolate, that can be purchased for your device too.

Keep in mind milk-based pods have ultra-pasteurized milk in them, which reduces their shelf life. Make sure to check the expiration date of your pods before using them. There are many ways to enjoy your coffee pod machine. Now that you know how to operate these devices, you’ll have a hot cup of coffee in your hand in no time.

When you know how to work them, you’ll find that these machines can be easy to clean and quick to operate.

Because these machines are so easy to use, it’s no wonder the world has switched to these single-cup machines. Enjoy your coffee!

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