How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

How To Cook Bacon In The Oven Without Smoking Up The House

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

How to cook bacon in an oven and should you do it? There are so many different ways to cook bacon. You can cook it on a skillet, you can deep fry it, some people do it in a toaster, and others cook it in the microwave.

But out of all the different ways you could cook bacon, the best way to cook bacon for a group without a huge mess is to cook the bacon in the oven. The method below will provide you with nice, crispy bacon and very little clean up.

Now, if you are cooking bacon for one or following a recipe where something else has to be cooked in the bacon fat/grease, do not cook your bacon in the oven. For yourself, just put a couple of pieces on a skillet and call it a day.

For a recipe, follow the directions given to you in the recipe. But other than those two exceptions, follow the directions below for phenomenal bacon.


Heat the Oven and Line the Pan

1) Heat the Oven and Line the Pan

To cook crispy bacon in the oven, you have to get the oven really hot. Set the oven to 400 degrees, and while it is heating up, line your cookie sheet with tin foil as doing so will make clean up so much easier.

Put a Cooling Rack

2) Put a Cooling Rack on Your Cookie Sheet

If you like your bacon extra crispy and have a cooling rack, place it inside your cookie sheet on top of the tin foil. This allows your bacon to be cooked and crisped from all sides. Of course, if either of the first statements do not apply to you, go ahead and skip this step.

3) Cook the Bacon

Once the oven is preheated, lay your strips of bacon out on your pan or cooling rack. You should not stack bacon, but you can put them close together.

Put the bacon in the oven and allow it to cook for around twenty minutes, but you should start checking at fifteen minutes, so it does not get crispier than you like.

4) Drain the Bacon

Lift the bacon off of the cookie sheet and put them on a paper towel, so the excess grease comes off. Bon appetit!

5) Save the Fat

Poor the leftover bacon fat into a mason jar or other glass container and stick it in your fridge. A glass container is important as plastic will melt.

This might sound strange if you have never done it before, but bacon fat is amazing on popcorn, and you can cook eggs or vegetables in it for some extra flavor.

Nutrition Fact of Bacon

Nutrition Fact

The nutritional value of bacon depends a lot on the type of bacon you get, but in general, there is about 44 calories in a piece of baked bacon and about 3.5 grams of fat.

Equipment Needed

All you need is an oven and a cookie/baking sheet. It is optional, but recommended, that you have aluminum foil, a cooling rack, and a glass container as well.

Recipe Notes of Bacon

Recipe Notes of Bacon
  • Keep in mind that the length of how long you need to cook the bacon depends on how crispy you like your bacon.
  • The crispier you want it, the longer you cook it.
  • Some people like to season their bacon with various seasonings or things like brown sugar or maple syrup.
  • If that applies to you, go ahead and do so, and just use this method for cooking instead of your unusual.

Here is more effective FAQ of Bacon recipe, that might be helpful when you will cook!

How to Strain Bacon Grease?

If you are saving your bacon grease, you need to strain it first. Do this by lining a mesh sieve with a paper towel and pouring the grease through it as you put it into your mason jar or other container.

You can add bacon grease to a container that already has some in it from the last time you made bacon. Straining your bacon grease will prevent any unwanted pieces of bacon or large chunks of fat from getting into your grease.

How to Make a Bacon Weave?

A bacon weave is great for on sandwiches, and it is really easy to bake one in the oven. Start by cutting your bacon in half and lining three up right next to each other on a baking sheet.

Lift the middle piece up at the bottom and place another piece of bacon horizontally across the outside two pieces.Now place the middle piece back down, and lift up the outer two pieces. Place a piece of bacon horrizontally across the center of the middle piece.

Place the outside pieces back down and once again lift up the middle piece, this time at the top, and place your last piece of back horrizontally. Lay the middle piece back down. Now you bake it at 400 degrees for around 25 minutes.

Extra Tip

You do not have to, but it is a really good idea to use or buy (if you do not already have one) a heavy duty cookie sheet. This will prevent it from bending or warping in the oven at such a high temperature.

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