Electric Tillers

10 Best Electric Tiller For Breaking New Ground In 2022 For Gardening

Long gone are the days when gardening meant aching muscles and sore backs. Thanks to some incredible innovations, keeping your garden in check has become easier than ever and we take a look at some amazing gadgets, guaranteed to save you time, effort and hard work.

best electric tillers

Electric tillers are one of the easiest ways of taking care of the toughest gardening jobs.

No need to spend hours wrestling with a heavy garden fork, tillers do all the hard work for you and are surprisingly straightforward to use.

Here we review ten of the best electric tillers, giving you the best value for money and just the right tool for the job.

You’ll be able to choose from small, lightweight electric tillers to the more meaty gas-powered beasts.

Whatever your gardening needs, you’ll find a great variety of specifications and prices just waiting for you.

NameTillers TypeOperationPower Source
Earthwise TCCultivatorElectric-corded13.5 Amp electric engine
MantisCultivatorCorded-electric540-watt motor cultivates
SunJoe TJ(Best For Money)CultivatorElectric13.5-Amp motor cultivates
TroyBiltCultivatorElectric6.5-Amp electric motor
VonHausLawn CultivatorElectric85-W motor
GreenworksCorded TillerGas/electric8-Amp Motor
Black and Deckerr(Amazon Choice)
CultivatorElectric-cordless20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery
SouthlandRear TineGas tiller2 and 4 cycle gas engine
Mantis 7924Cycle Plus CultivatorElectric21.2cc gas 2-cycle engine
EarthquakeMini CultivatorGasoline/Oil Mix43cc Viper engine

Earthwise TC – Best Cheap Electric Tillers

Best Cheap Electric Tillers - Earthwise TC70016Don’t forget to check out the amazing Gamin Sumo 395 with its incredible glove-friendly touch screen. Ready to take you on the adventures of a lifetime. Innovative design and intuitive actions, you’ll be ready for anything and anywhere. This corded electric tiller is perfect for rotating earth and cultivating ground ready for planting. With six adjustable tines, it is easily adapted for different soil depths and firmness.

This company has been making electrical goods for many years and has a solid reputation for producing reliable, good-value-for-money machinery. This high specification tiller offers an 11-inch cutting area and can plow depths of up to 8-inches deep, making it perfect for the professional or amateur gardener.

If moving the tiller around your garden is a concern, there’s no need to worry with the Earth wise TC70016, it’s robust yet lightweight wheels give it great maneuverability across lawns and hard surfaces. It is light enough to move efficiently and quickly but strong enough to dig in and do the tough jobs for you.

It’s comfortable handles make it a pleasure to bring out for gardening and you’ll look forward to starting those jobs you’ve been putting off over the winter. This machine has the benefit of being easily transportable when not in use, with its flip and down wheel system. It is easily plugged in and out to sockets with a long, flexible cord and requires neither petrol or complicated electrical machinery to get it started.

Its compact size means it can be easily moved around, whether in a large lawned area or small yard. With controls right where you need them, adjusting the Earthwise’s settings is a piece of cake. Tillers are perfect for working quickly and quietly on projects where you need to prepare the soil, remove weeds or carry out composting duties. This machine will bring smoothly turn the soil over, leaving a beautifully aerated bed ready for your next planting scheme.

This tiller is also a tough guy, able to withstand vigorous work with its hardened frame and strong, adjustable handle. Coming in at mid-price, this tiller is a great buy if you’re looking for an impressive performance without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, versatile tiller the Earth wise is an excellent choice and will certainly make a regular appearance in your garden throughout the year.

  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Compact
  • Electrical flex

Mantis – Best Electric Tiller Overall

Best Electric Tiller Overall - Mantis 7250With an impressive 7-inch screen the Garmin Nuvi2789 is ready for action. It comes with a lifetime of maps and updates, giving you up to date technology and information right where you need it, at your fingertips. Turn it on and let it take you right where you want to go. Like the Earth-wise, this tiller is powered by an electrical cable. It is a quiet, durable tiller that takes very little effort to use but will impress with its power and digging capabilities.

It will start up instantly at the touch of a button with its three-speed 540-watt motor and keep ongoing. Weighing in at just 21 pounds it’s an impressively lightweight but promises to be every bit as effective as its gas-powered equals. Unlike larger models this compact version will be able to squeeze into the tightest areas, making it incredibly versatile around smaller gardens and beds.

The Mantis boasts a digging depth of 10-inches to really get soiled turned over deep down but the adjustable tines mean it can be altered to a depth of just 2-inches, for more shallow needs. No longer will your hands ache after a hard day’s digging, the Mantis features a comfortable, ergonomic handle which can easily be adjusted for height.

It folds away, quickly and easily meaning it won’t take up unnecessary space in your shed or garage. The Mantis is also built to last with a beautifully crafted transmission set encased in aluminum working in perfect harmony to turn tines at up to 240rpm.

Though lightweight this tiller means business and is built to last. This company prides itself on putting their tillers through their paces before they even hit the shops, with each tiller carefully tested on its abilities to break up the toughest sod and surfaces.
Mantis is a name associated with longevity and tough tools and this tiller is bound to be working in your garden for many, many years to come.

Each tiller comes with a five-year warranty and the tough, durable tines will serve you for the foreseeable future with their lifetime guarantee against breakage. Putting the Mantis together is a simple enough operation and should not take up too much time.

It will require cleaning and maintenance from time to time but again this is fairly uncomplicated and simply to allow the Mantis to work at its best, free from obstruction. A great purchase, combining lightweight engineering with versatile working.

  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Three-speed motor
  • Till to 10-inches
  • Power cable restricts movement
  • Cannot be operated without power cord
  • Not as powerful as gas versions

Sun Joe TJ – Best Electric Rototiller

Best Electric Rototiller- Sun Joe TJ60 4E

Take on the challenge with the TomTom Rider 500. Compatible with Siri and GoogleNow, this amazing piece of kit helps you plan breathtaking routes and updates seamlessly without the need for WiFi. Ready for anything the TomTom is just what any rider needs to find the best routes and breathtaking adventures. Take TomTom on the road and see where it takes you. This bright little tiller already scores points when you find out it comes with a two-year warranty.

With its striking colorful body and sleek handle it is sure to make you want to show it off in your garden or neighborhood gardening project. The Sun Joe offers a fairly large tilling area of 16-inches wide and plunges to depths of 8-inches. With its 13.5 amp motor is certainly more powerful than quite a few of its contemporaries currently available on the market.

This tiller also features foldaway handles making it an easy piece of essential gardening equipment to store away. The impressive tines, all six of them, can be altered to varying angles allowing the gardener to get just the right position for weeding or cultivating. They work effortlessly together to hack away at the toughest roots and cut through tough soil with ease.

Started by a simple touch of the button you won’t be endlessly pulling rev cords of filling up messy gas cans. The Sun Joe has an electric cable, ready to plug in anyway. Though loaded with hard-working tines, the Sun Joe also manages to be incredibly lightweight so is relatively easy to change the location and move to other parts of the garden.

The Sun Joe might be considered to be slightly noisier than other tillers, but only marginally and shouldn’t disrupt or annoy neighbors with sensitive ears.

At the lower end of the price bracket, if you’re looking for a tiller that offers excellent value for money but is strong and capable of handling most of your tough gardening tasks, then this makes for an excellent purchase. With its impressive motor it will answer all the tough gardening questions and more.

  • Strong cutter
  • Convenient storage
  • Good angles
  • Power capable
  • Slightly noisy
  • Awkward handling

Troy-Bilt 21AKC29A766 TBC29 EC Gas Cultivator – Best Electric Tiller For Clay Soil

Best Electric Tiller For Clay Soil - Bilt TB154e

Tear away soil and dig down deep with this electrical tiller from Troy. Though simple in design the Troy tiller is strong, reliable and built to life, just like all your best tools. With its total of four, 8-inch tines this tiller will tear up the earth like a knife through butter and is capable of digging down to a depth of up to 5-inches, with a width of between 6 and 9inches.

Though powerful the Troy Bilt is compact and will allow you to easily maneuver between plants with ease. It features a tough gearbox offering you flexibility and control while you tackle even the tightest and toughest of jobs. Easily transportable, the Troy Bilt is able to glide around the garden on its transport wheels, ready to take on the next job.

This tiller represents everything that makes Troy Bilt special. With a 75-year long history positioned at the heart of the American farming landscape, the company is committed to producing quality machinery and tools. And they have come up with the goods with this tiller which also features a 6.5amp motor and three-way tines, which are easily adjusted for just the right tilling angle.

The tiler is also a fairly quiet electric tool, making it a great choice for working in areas where neighboring properties might object to too much disturbance on a Sunday morning. At just the push of a button the Troy Bilt is raring to go and handle whatever you may throw at it, at the slightly higher end of the price bracket it is a solid choice for reliability and ease of use.

The benefits of this model include the fact that it is completely emission-free and comes backed with a two-year warranty from an established company with a great reputation. This tiller will make you the envy of your neighbours and is bound to see a decent amount of work throughout the year.

  • Small and compact
  • Easy to move
  • Great blades
  • Not great over large areas
  • Finds very hard soil tough

Von Haus – Best Electric Garden Tiller

Best Electric Garden Tiller - Von Haus

This tiller boasts an impressive, powerful 850watt motor so there’s power all ready and waiting at your fingertips and is perfect for cultivating your garden. It has everything you need to give your plants beautiful aerated soil, ready to plant your best garden and keep the area weed-free. It’s capable of tilling to a width of 12.5-inches, an impressive area, and to a depth of 8.5-inches, perfectly reasonable for most hobby gardeners. It is a durable tiller with impressive performance, great for smaller areas of gardening areas.

The main features of this particular model include impressive steel tines, both hard and sharp capable of producing extremely high standards of work and cutting effortlessly through the soil. No more sore hands and fingers a the end of a hard day’s work with the ergonomic grip handles, making the tiller easy to move around and adjust. They also provide increased stability during heavy-duty work.

Weighing in just 21 pounds, this extremely lightweight machine makes it an extremely attractive option for anyone who struggles with carrying or operating heavy machinery but still requires exceptional performance. Blade speed comes in at 380rpm so while it is not as fast as other models, the powerful motor should do the job perfectly adequately, whether churning over the soil, picking out weeds or leveling an area of soil.

It’s entirely possible to remove the handles from this machine, which of course means it takes up even less space once disassembled. The dimensions of the Von Haus are 41.7 x 13.7 x 38.1 inches. This compact design makes it a great space-saving option for anyone who struggles to fit all their tools into a shed or garage.

The safety features of the Von Haus include a cut-off switch should the blades become damaged, preventing further damage to the blades or the operator. Like other electric tillers in the range, the lack of gas power has a serious advantage in terms of reducing pollution, noise and the messy business of re-fuelling.

Tough blades mean it covers a versatile amount to surfaces and is adept at taking hard rock and tough earth as well as digging down into softer earth. It always gives every job a good go. Putting your tiller together is a straightforward operation and the machine is delivered with a clear instruction manual answering all your basic operating questions. This hard working, straight talking tiller is a reliable garden companion and well worth your consideration.

  • Compact
  • Powerful engine
  • Strong blades
  • Relies on cable
  • Struggles on thick clay

Greenworks – Best Cordless Electric Tiller

Best Cordless Electric Tiller - Greenworks 10-inch 40 v

How does this stand out from the crowd? With its impressive high performance 40 v Lithium-ion battery, that’s how! Unlike cord tillers, which can cause performance and accessibility issues and gas tillers with their noise and mess, the Greenworks cordless cutter is a great option for electric tillers. It may be small but the Greenworks tiller is a powerful beast, perfectly capable of taking on the toughest jobs. Its specifications include a tilling width of up to 10inches and a depth of up to 5inches, which isn’t the deepest number in this review but is certainly adequate for most gardens.

Powered by a 40v battery, manufacturers state the Greenworks should power you through 40 minutes of heavy-duty gardening once fully charged and will suffer no memoryless or poor performance with multiple charging. With four adjustable tines, spaced evenly out the blades are vigorous and capable of cutting down into tough soil and providing good performance. These tines can also be adjusted for different depths and widths depending on your type of surface and need to aerate the soil.

In terms of moving the machine around there is, helpfully, a set of wheels making it easy to move around various areas of the garden. One safety aspect unique to this model is the start-up a switch which operates in two steps, meaning the tiller won’t switch on by accident but only when you want it to. The best thing about the Greenworks model is its superb battery which of course makes operation as simple as remembering to charge the battery. Gone are the days. Of endlessly pulling start-up cords or messing around with gas canisters, a simple press to a switch and you’re good to go.

At the higher end of the price bracket, it does represent excellent value for money and a machine that will try its best over a variety of surfaces and challenges. Users state that replacing the battery can be a little on the difficult side but carefully following the operator manual careful should eliminate too many problems.

All in all a thoroughly good little machine which, without a cable, makes moving around the garden a pleasure rather than a chore. The benefits of this tiller, far outweigh any little niggles that might occur.

  • Excellent battery
  • Easy to move
  • No cable
  • Less stable than other models

Black and Decker– Best Small Electric Garden Tiller

Best Small Electric Garden Tiller - Black and Decker LGC 120

Getting your garden done to your exact liking takes a great deal of time and effort and having the right tools for the job go such a long way in making gardening chores a pleasure rather than a pain. This Black and Decker is one such tool, guaranteed to eliminate aching muscles after a day in the garden it will do all the hard work for you.

Black and Decker relies a lot upon its reputation and rightly so, it’s a stellar history of providing good quality homes and garden tools is a massive drawer to many customers. Started in 1910, the company has set the standard in innovative power tools. Started in a small workshop in Baltimore, the company has grown to become a worldwide interest serving professionals and hobbyists around the world.

With its 20v battery, this tiller is capable of breaking up the earth with impressive speed. Without a cable to hold it back, gardeners can get into hard to reach parts of the garden without dragging meters of cable behind them or relying on gas-powered alternatives. The specifications boast that this tiller can cover a huge 325square feet on one single charge, making it a time-efficient addition to your collection. Despite its heavy-duty power, the lithium-ion battery only weighs just over 8 pounds, making it extremely easy to carry around.

This powerful battery works hard to power up two tines, which operate together to break up earth and allow the soil to breathe and leach water. They work to break up weeds and with an counter oscillating action prevent stray foliage getting tangled around them. For the taller gardener, the shaft adjusts in height to save sore backs and the comfortable handle works to prevent aches and pains. While taking a little longer to charge, the Black and Decker can be charged overnight ready for use the next morning. It’s narrow, long body make it easy to store out of the way in most garages or sheds.

One major advantage of the battery is that it can be swapped between Black and Decker tools, a fantastic bonus for when you need more power and simply need to swap between charged batteries.

  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Swap battery
  • Charge takes 8 hours

Southland – Best Electric Tiller 2021

Best Electric Tiller 2020 - Southland Front tine tiller

Slightly different from previous tillers, this slightly larger model comes from Southland, a company with a big reputation for producing tough, hard-wearing machinery and reliable engineering. You may only want to till your soil two or three times a year but when you do take on this job, you want to know that you’re doing a great, professional job and won’t have to re-do it a few weeks’ later.

This machine is definitely at the heavier end of the spectrum, weighing in at 100 pounds, but then it is being asked to do quite a job, so offers a great feeling of stability when carrying its work. It really a serious machine for a serious gardening giving tilling widths of 11, 16 and 21 inches.

The tiling depth is also impressive with a maximum reach of 11inches. It is certainly more bulky than other tillers but has the same ease of transport with wheels, which can be easily operated when needed to be moved around the garden. Definitely needed in this heavyweight gas-powered machine. This machine comes ready to go with a gear drive, making it easy to operate. It also features a poly-v belt for a longer life span, meaning you shouldn’t need to buy new parts any time soon.

The grip handles make for a comfortable drive and fold away easy after a long day in the garden. While the Southland may not fold away quite as neatly as its smaller counterparts, it does at least have the ability to make itself less obtrusive with these handles. Users say the Southland will take around 30 minutes to assemble and this seems reasonable for a machine this size. The owner’s manual is brightly illustrated with helpful pictures, making this process as straightforward as it should be.

The Southland is not for the faint hearted, it is a had working workhorse that is ready to take on all your tilling challenges. It will last and last and become a firm favourite in your garden shed.

  • Hard working
  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Heavy
  • Not compact
  • Harder to store

Mantis 7924 – Best Small Electric Tiller

Best Small Electric Tiller - Mantis 7924

This little machine will have you flying around your garden in no time, whizzing through tilling duties and slipping neatly away at the end of the day. Made by Mantis, a popular choice in the world of gardening accessories and tools, this lightweight tiller can hold its own against others in its category and offers great value for money, at the top end of its price range.

Stated with a handle on the end of a rope, the Mantis is straightforward to get going and thanks to a spring the energy generated by the starter is stored away, making it an easier pull. It may be small but the Mantis is a very powerful tool and a great choice if you want to combine power and maneuverability. One of its many outstanding features is the speed of its rotars, giving it a good chance of breaking up even the toughest of soil surfaces.

Yet despite all this power, it only weighs in at an incredibly light 20 pounds, making it an easy win for operators who may find themselves struggling with larger, heavier versions. Another thing in the Mantis’ favour its ability to till down to depths of 10-inches, not a depth every tiller this size can claim. Mantis tines are tough and durable and made from toughened steel, while they still may find themselves getting tangled up with weeds and vegetation, they are straight forward to clean. They are also incredibly versatile, able to produce beautiful straight edges and quickly turned into mixers for creating compost.

Other advantages of this gas-powered tool are the fact that it doesn’t trail cables and is small enough to squeeze into the smallest flower bed and get to work.

With a handy stand, to rest the Mantis on this a superb option for smaller gardens and spaces. All in all a fantastic buy, slightly more expensive than others in its class but the fast working blades and lightweight option provide any gardener with enough power to get the job done quickly and cleanly.

  • Small and fast
  • Lightweight
  • Stand
  • Expensive
  • Not as easy to transport
  • Gas can be messy

Earthquake Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator – Best Electric Tiller Cultivator

Best Electric Tiller Cultivator - Earthquake MC43 mini cultivato

With planting season right around the corner, you need something on your side to make sure your marrows are up to standards and your marigolds don’t let you down. The right tiller will help make this happen and make gardening pleasure for many years to come. Last in this review is a mini gas-powered machine, ready to be let loose in your garden and able to provide excellent results.

We’re talking, of course, about the Earthquake MC43 mini cultivator. A machine that stands out from the pack, combing the power of a gas tiller, with the size of a much smaller cultivator. This mini comes from Earthquake a company, as the name suggests, making its presence felt in the path of the hobbyist and professional gardener. Take the Earthquake out for a test drive and see where you could end up.

Of course the beauty of gas, is that you don’t have trailing cords to trip over and keep having to unplug as you move around the garden.

This machine is no different, just juice it up and watch it go. It can cut to some 6-inches deep and 10-inches in width. This seems around average for a tiller this size and while larger specifications are available on other models for the average garden this should be more than enough. Get started
by following Earthquake’s simple assembly guide and you’re off, ready to get your garden into tip-top shape.

Heavier than its electric counterparts at 33 pounds, this tool is still relatively easy to move around your garden and specifically through soil thanks fully to a very powerful engine. This Viper motor provides all the power you need to make short work of any hardened surface and underlying toughness.

Like other tillers, it is as at home turning over the soil as gently weeding and working in compost. Versatility is the middle name of this great little tiller. Just like a lawnmower, you need to pull a starter cord to get the tiller going. This may seem a little old fashioned to some, but once underway the lack of trailing cable is a real bonus.

If you are looking for a midway point between electric tillers and heavyweight gas versions, then this mini gas version is a great compromise. While not as easy to fold away and store and while having to get the ration between gas and oil right, it offers excellent results and is a reliable and versatile machine. A real bonus to have in any shed or garage.

  • Performance driven
  • Powerful
  • Multitasker
  • No trailing cable
  • Heavier
  • Can be harder to control
  • Large to store

Electric Tiller Buying guide – Things To Know Before Buying an Electric Tiller

Breaking the soil under the hot sun is not an easy job. The soil can be hard and the job can sometimes become frustrating, which is why many experienced gardeners and farmers prefer using tillers; to make the job a piece of cake, they tend to go with electric tillers.

There Are A few Different Types Of Tillers:

  • Cultivators – Good for an already established ground.
  • Garden tillers – To break ground and stir and plow the soil.
  • Front-tine tillers –Best for composting, weeding in rows, and mixing soil.
  • Rear-tine tillers – Manages to break tough new ground.
  • Vertical-line tillers – Good for stirring, plowing and breaking new ground.

Before you decide which one to buy, you should determine what you need the tiller for, it will make it easier for you to narrow down your options and choose the correct one.

Things To Look For Before Buying A Tiller

There are several things you need to consider before you buy a tiller. These include:

  • Use

A different garden may need a different level of power; a new one where you need to break the ground will require a tiller far more powerful than one you use for an already broken ground.

If you plan on buying a tiller for your garden at home, then the best option is to go for a cheaper and lower power level tiller; since you will need to break the ground only once, you can simply rent out a high powered one until you are done with the job, this way you will save a bunch of money.

On the other hand, the tiller will be used for commercial reasons, then the best option would be the high powered one.

  • Type Of  Soil

You will need to check the soil in the area you plan on using the tiller; this is one of the major factors that should impact your choice of tillers. If the soil in your garden is loose and soft, then it would be so hard to mix, plow and stir it; but doing it by hand will be hard and will still take a lot of effort.

If the soil has clay in it, then it will be harder to manage and will need more effort to get the job done properly. Rocky soil will need a special tine called the chisel tine, as it will be able to withstand damage that could be caused by flying rocks when you break the ground.

It’s not easy recognizing the type of soil you have and which tiller would best suit it, which is why it is best to do a little research on the type of tillers and the soil that you have. if you are still confused then try talking to a company representative, they will be able to guide you to the right choice; better than making a guess and buying the wrong one.

  • Size Of The Garden

Garden sizes vary from small to big, you need to take a look at your garden and decide what size category it falls in. using a large tiller for a small garden will be quite useless. On the other hand, a large garden and a small tiller don’t make a great couple either as it can be frustrating and much more time.

The size of your garden will be the determining factor of your tiller size; in easy words, a small garden should have a small tiller and a large one should have a large and powerful tiller.

  • Power Source

Small tillers usually use electricity as power, however, big ones tend to use gas. The good part about electric tillers is that they are easier to use, light in weight and also don’t need too much maintenance.

Electric Tillers Are Also Of  Two Types:

  1. Cordless battery-powered tillers
  2. Tillers that need to be plugged

The latter tends to limit the range of use and the cord as a specific length. The best is to consider the size of the garden and the ease of use you are looking for (see how these factors are interconnected).

Tine Rotation

Rear-tine tiller comes with only a few rotation options:

  • Standard Rotating Tines – will work effectively in 5-inch deep soil and rotate on the same side and the wheels.
  • Counter-Rotating Tines – the tines rotate in the opposite direction of the wheels which is why they are a bit more powerful. They are a great option if you want to break clay mixed soil which is tougher than normal.
  • Dual Rotating Tines – as the name suggests the tiller comes with both rotating options.
  • Vertical dual rotating tines – the tiller points downward and then starts turning to make them more effective, powerful, and quieter

As long as you know the type of soil you have, you will be able to understand the best tines for the job.


Whichever tiller you buy, the cost will play a major factor in the one you choose. One of the main determining factors of the price of the tiller is the size and the power. Cultivators are one of the cheapest options available; the price can range between $100 and $400.

If you want to go for a model which is a little more powerful, then the next option is front-tine tillers which cost between $300 and $550. The top of the range is the vertical-line tillers and the rear-tine tillers which can easily cost somewhere from $500 to $3000.

Even between the ranges mentioned of specific tillers, the cost can be influenced by several things:

  1. The Brand And The Quality It Offers – The better the quality and the brand, the higher the price will be.
  2. The Number Of Tine Rotations – The higher the number of tine rotations the higher the price.

If you are buying a tiller for commercial use, you will notice that if you opt for a pricier option, you will break even on the price soon as you will be able to do your job in lesser energy and time. if you are purchasing one for your home, then go for a well-reputed one as it will last you longer, which means that it will not need replacement or repairs any time soon.

However, make sure that you do not overspend on a powerful tiller, whose capacity is more than you need. Your home needs can easily be fulfilled by cultivators and front-tine tillers.

Size Of  Tillers

The size of the tillers is one thing that you also need to consider it will occupy space in your home. small tillers, such as the cultivator, are smaller in size and lightweight making them easier to move about and keep them. Big ones are heavier and powerful which is when dragging them to their safe spot can be hard, and finding the right place to keep them can be even more difficult.

A big tiller in a small garden will be hard to use as maneuvering it will be difficult. If you care using one for commercial purposes, then come up with a plan to transport it from one job to another.


No matter which size tiller you buy, you will need to find space to store them. And for the sake of the tiller, you will need to find shelter as well, otherwise, the weather conditions can have an impact on them (their lifespan may decrease). This is why, before you deice the size and the type, make sure that you have decided on storage space.

Ease Of  Use

There are a few things that will determine how easy a tiller is to use. Electric tillers will be easier to use as they are lightweight, don’t need too much maintenance, and easy to move around as well. As far as the size is concerned; bigger ones will get the job done quickly (on bigger land areas). Make sure you choose the one that suits your requirements.


A tiller is a powerful machine that has sharp edges as well, which means that safety will come first when you are using them. Even though companies add safety features in their products, you will need to be careful with the way you use the product as well. Read the instructions manual and wear all the necessary gear while using them (safety glasses, proper clothes, boots, pants).


If you want your tiller to have a long life then you need to make sure that you keep up with their maintenance needs. Read instructions of use and follow them; clean them periodically, and sharpen the tines now and then.

Features To Look For

Most of the important factors you need to look at have been listed above, but there are a few features that you may want your tiller to have, and some that have these available:

  • Electric starter – and the electric starter will help you get the tiller on without any trouble.
  • Adjustable control handle – it will allow you to move the tines to different sides and also up and down ensuring more control.
  • Reverse and forward speeds – best to have so you can control your tilling even better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Tillers

What is the best electric tiller?

Earthwise TC is the best electric tiller on the market right now. there is ton’s of good reviews on this product from the first hand users. This corded electric tiller is perfect for rotating earth and cultivating ground ready for planting. With six adjustable tines, it is easily adapted for different soil depths and firmness. It’s lightweight has a reasonable price and very compact.

Do electric tillers really work?

If you don’t have a power tool to break the ground then you might end up wrestling with the ground and not reach to the point how you wanted it. In that case electric tillers really works. If you plan to gardening on your backyard then yes a good electric tiller will work but if your are about to break concrete or stone then it does not work.

What is the best garden tiller to buy?

There is a lots of products available in the market when it comes to garden tiller, it’s hard to find out the best one if you don’t have vast knowledge about these kind of power tools. But don’t worry we have tested 21 electric tillers and made a list of ten and out best electric tiller for garden is Earthwise TC.


You do not need a tiller; you need a tiller that is specific to your needs. Ensuring that a product meets all your needs, will ensure buyer satisfaction and will help you achieve your gardening goals easily.

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